Kaleidescape Ships Blu-ray Server

Kaleidescape’s Linus Wong holds the company’s new Child User Interface. A single press of any button presents a selection of graphical cues for entertainment titles, with the most-recently-watched content highlighted at center.

Kaleidescape’s first-ever Blu-ray movie server has begun shipping, the company announced Monday.

“The simplicity and elegance that we have achieved for watching Blu-ray movies required significant hardware and software innovation, legal analysis and user interface design,” Michael Malcolm, Kaleidescape’s founder, chairman and CEO, said as part of the announcement.

“My family and I enjoy the freedom to jump to a favorite scene in a movie or to any song in a concert. For the first time, all of our Blu-ray movies are literally at our fingertips, at any screen in our home.”

The company’s Modular Disc Vault retails for $1,495. It works with the M300 and M500 players, which began shipping earlier this year.

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