JVC at CEDIA: New Projector Crop Includes Four 4K 3D Models

JVC's national product manager, Dan McCarron, with the DLA-RS65 Reference Series 4K projector

JVC's DLA-F110 commercial projector

JVC presented revamped lines for both its professional Reference Series and its consumer Procision series D-ILA projectors at CEDIA Expo Thursday; the top four of the eight new models offer 4K performance – 3840-x-2160-pixel resolution, four times that of full HD –and all eight are 3D-capable.

The four models – the 120,000:1 native contrast Reference DLA-RS65 ($11,995; November availability) and 80,000:1 native contrast DLA-RS55 ($7,799; November), along with the 120,000:1 Procision DLA-X90R ($11,999; November) and 80,000:1 DLA-X70R ($7,995; November) all use the company’s new e-Shift technology which enables the display of 2D high-definition content in 4K.

JVC’s e-Shift technology, which is effective only in 2D mode, said Klasmeier, works to significantly reduce the jagged-line, “stairstepping” effect that is commonly observable at the edges of diagonal lines in images, said Klasmeier.

Both $11,999 models come with two pairs of 3D glasses and a three-year warranty. All prices on the top four models parallel pricing on last year’s top four SKUs, according to Gary Klasmeier, product engineering manager for JVC Professional Products. The four also are THX 2D- and 3D-certified, and feature improved brightness over last year’s 3D models.

Setup has been made simpler with the addition of lens offset focus and zoom memory features – and those appointments are also part of the feature sets on the other four models that do not carry e-Shift technology, he said.

JVC Professional also introduced a custom-specific model for professional applications: Model DLA-F110 ($7,495; September availability). It also showed a new line of IP-based high-definition security cameras.

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