ViewPoint: Stewart Filmscreen Projects the ‘Magic of 3D’

Joaquin Rivera, VP of residential and commercial sales, talks about the company’s contributions and more.

CR: What do you see is the biggest mistake electronic systems contractors are making now as it pertains to 3D?

Joaquin Rivera: Contractors and dealers frequently forget or do not feel confident enough to provide clients with the exciting new option to add 3D as a feature to their existing home theater systems. Thinking that 3D is a “fad” and not demonstrating it to the consumer is a huge mistake—3D is here to stay and there is no better way to immerse yourself in this exciting technology than by watching it on a big projection screen. Education will be important for dealers this upcoming year, as many consumers are unsure of the concept of 3D. Whether it is the glasses or the lack of content, many have not spent much time talking about the technology. Paired with the proper demonstration tools, 3D is a very exciting upgrade to a home theater and a fresh way to re-engage with past customers.

A flat panel is not the right tool to demo 3D. It really does not excite or show the magic of 3D with a fully immersive image. A projector and proper screen with a large image and proper multi-channel audio is needed to create a full 3D presentation. That is why theater-goers are willing to pay a premium to see 3D in their local cinemas. They want that great immersive picture and explosive sound they experience from the big screen.

CR: What new projectors are being launched into the market that will help the growth of 3D?

Rivera: To create a fully resolved 3D experience with bright, engaging imaging, DPI, Runco and SIM2 will help as each one now has a great solution for 3D. Strong mass-market brands such as JVC, Sony and Sharp will also help 3D penetrate many more homes in 2011.

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