Embracing Commercial Projects

IT Starts With The Right Digital Foundation

The last three years have been challenging for our industry. The direct impact of the unstable housing market sent shockwaves of uncertainty through the economy and our clientele. Residential projects were cancelled or put on hold and homeowners lost interest as their focus shifted to survival mode. In these challenging times, some integrators have found an opportunity to expand their offering and grow into new markets.

Bryce Nordstrand, owner of Redlands, Calif.-based Frequency, is one of the integrators who made this shift. Five years ago, Nordstrand embraced the changing economy and set to increase his revenue by expanding his clientele to include commercial projects within his local market. With 70 percent of his business now dedicated to commercial projects, it is clear to Nordstrand that what began as a single opportunity has now become a steady success.

“We’ve had about 40 percent growth because of commercial projects,” said Nordstrand. “If we didn’t have commercial, we wouldn’t be in business.”

Nordstrand carries pride in his firm’s ability to not only secure commercial projects, but to deliver them on time while exceeding his client’s expectations. One such client, SportsWatch Bar & Grill, located in Highland, Calif., holds a special place in Frequency’s execution accomplishments. Installed in just eight weeks, this casual yet modern outfit stands out among local bars and restaurants for its smart design and technological prowess. SportsWatch Bar & Grill is among the many businesses who strive to increase their technological offering in order to lure clients, a trend that will likely increase in 2012.

“We’ve done about five or six jobs for this client, but this is the largest,” Nordstrand noted. “It all comes down to being able to offer the right products and solutions, and then coming through on those promises. The promise is to give something really impactful. When you walk in, it’s visually overwhelming.”

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