Introducing The 2012 Young Turks of CE

Brent Baer
Executive Director of Marketing, Atlona
With more than 17 years of experience managing and directing marketing strategies, programs and projects, Brent has succeeded in taking the reigns of Atlona, which was standing at the edge of the gap between small business and a thriving international corporation. In his role of executive marketing director, he has led the company by connecting departments in a seamless fashion. Brent’s execution of merging sales planning and forecasting with marketing communications strategies has resulted in a more professional and aggressive Atlona. Brent joins previous Young Turk Christopher Bundy as he shifts his focus toward product marketing, giving the company balance as it grows its retail and commercial divisions. Brent’s drive and determination has led Atlona to come out swinging for 2012, with several new channel programs that position Atlona as a major player across multiple vertical arenas.

Marc Sculler
CEO, Bell’O International
Marc Sculler joined Bell’O International in April 2002 and has served as the company’s CEO since January 2005. His primary responsibilities are strategic planning, monitoring and control of all financial aspects of the company, including cash flow, financing, capital expenditures, product cost analysis, pricing, gross profit margin analysis, SG&A cost analysis and overall corporate profitability. Marc has contributed significantly to the growth of Bell’O, playing a large role in expanding the brand’s home theater furniture lines and adding several different product categories including wall mounts, home theater seating, audio/video cables and accessories such as screen and furniture cleaner.

Ryan Heringer
Owner/President, Sound Concepts
Ryan has been at Sound Concepts since 2003. Strong product demos have led to our success. If you want to sell high-end automation, audio and video you need to be able to demo it properly. We have a 17,000 square feet design center with an investment of $2.5M. We go deep with our vendors and show off all they have to offer. We offer our customers great service and could not be remotely this successful without our dedicated employees.

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