Inside the Colorado vNet Brand Revival

Charlie Porritt

Whole-house control solutions supplier Colorado vNet officially announced on Feb. 23 the news it revealed last week to dealers in a confidential letter – that the brand has been resuscitated after more than two months on hiatus, and that its current line is available for ordering by certified dealers.

“It is true – we are back, and we’re ready to attack the marketplace. We’ve had overwhelming feedback from the rep and dealer community in terms of there’s no other product in the marketplace that fills this need,” said Charlie Porritt, CEO of both Colorado vNet and parent company Russound, in a conference call with press members.

“We did not close operations but had moved more to an R&D status so we could make more headway with products,” he explained, saying that the decision had been characterized in December to dealers and reps as a “winding down of sales and marketing to reassess the product line and focus on R&D at that time.”

Porritt added, “We’re very pleased that we’ve made substantial headway on a couple of large projects – an iPad application we’ve worked on for a long time as well as an IP-based digital media streamer that we’re going to be able to deliver to the marketplace soon.” The iPad application, he said, would be available at first as an audio-only app within the next 90 days; phases two and three of its development would encompass control of sub systems and lighting and home theater, respectively, with a goal of rolling out the other phases this year. Details are to be provided in mid-March on the media streamer, with availability currently slated for May.

Feedback from the rep community about the decision to re-open the brand, said Porritt, has been “positive,” and on the dealer side, “for the vast majority it’s been very positive, with a few negative comments” about being out and then in business again. “For us, the past is the past, and we’re looking forward to driving this forward and leaving that behind us.”

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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