Say Hello to Bob Hana

HTSA’s New Managing Director Will Draw Upon Years of Experience to Take HTSA to “Even Higher Ground”

Shortly after the Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) announced that Bob Hana had been appointed as their new Managing Director, CustomRetailer got Hana to take a few moments from his busy schedule to chat about his plans for the organization in 2012 and beyond as he settles into this new position.

CR: Talk a little about what this appt means to you?

Hana: I am extremely excited and honored to have been selected to represent an organization whose members are the best of the best in the custom retail/system integration market. It is an organization that dealers around the country aspire to belong to and one that is unique in its approach to supporting dealers and vendors alike.

CR: Looking ahead a bit, what do you feel you’ll bring to this position?

Hana: The responsibilities of this position allow me to utilize all of my business skills and experience that I’ve acquired throughout the years, from retailer, to manufacturer, from high-end audio to consumer and commercial A/V with both small and very large companies. This gives me a great perspective of all the elements that make HTSA successful and allows me to understand and “speak the language” of everyone involved.

Through strong leadership, planning, strategic vision and open and frank communication between members, vendors and press we will strengthen our businesses together in a sharing environment where everyone has phenomenal return on their investment of resources.

CR: What would you like to see HTSA become as we look out over the next couple of years? Anything that has been missing that would make the organization stronger moving forward?

Hana: Our industry is so exciting and dynamic and in such a constant state of change it is critical that HTSA and its members always adapt and embrace this change, as they have in the past. It is HTSA’s responsibility to its members and vendors to ensure that it provides the vision, support and services that will ensure this success. HTSA will continue to be an innovative, positive change agent in our industry.

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