HTSA to Name Managing Director Before CES

HTSA Board Members Discuss Redefined Director Position at Fall Meeting

The name of the new Managing Director of Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) will be announced soon, with the goal being prior to January’s International CES, it was disclosed on Oct. 12 during the HTSA “Fall Pump Up” Conference in Denver.

Addressing the group’s dealer members and vendor partners during an “HTSA Overview” session, HTSA board members Jon Robbins of HiFi House and Brian Hudkins of Gramophone addressed the recent exit of former Executive Director Richard Glikes, as well as the group’s plans to bring in a replacement in the newly renamed and redefined position of Managing Director.

Responding to an audience question about the position, Robbins recalled a July meeting with Glikes in Robbins’ office: “We ended on a very nice note. It was a Wednesday afternoon. The Thursday morning after the meeting, I got a phone call from Richard. He said he wanted to discuss his contract (which was up for renewal). He made it clear, ‘I want an answer today.’ I told him, ‘We can’t enter that discussion today.’ He promptly told me, ‘Then I have to resign.’ I told him to send me a letter (stating this), and he promptly did so.”

The new position of Managing Director will be responsible for a variety of duties, including:

* managing vendor relations
* managing the two annual HTSA conferences
* following and identifying market trends
* overseeing and supporting the group’s membership
* identifying new member candidates
* expanding HTSA participation among industry vendors

“We are preparing to announce the new managing director by the next major industry event, which is CES (in January 2012),” Hudkins said, noting “Richard (Glikes) served this organization for 15 years, and we should not lose track of the great work he put in.”

Robbins commented that morale among HTSA’s member dealers was high during this time of transition, stating that during a meeting on Oct. 11, “there wasn’t one member who stood up and said, ‘We’re doubting what we have going forward.’ … We are very excited for the future.”

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