One Voice: Going Commercial

Happy New Year to all of our CustomRetailer readers! The year is just starting and there is already so much to report. I actually want to bring to your attention a milestone for CustomRetailer magazine and website.

CustomRetailer is now officially 10 years old; quite a benchmark in the world of publishing. While this magazine has fluidly and successfully evolved into the digital arena, we get so much feedback that the print is still important. Happily we have our readers’ needs covered in all mediums. I also want to give you a glimpse into what CustomRetailer plans to cover in the year ahead. The results of our reader survey a few months back, indicated we are right on target when it comes to what we are planning to cover during the coming year.

We had already been planning a huge Commercial Installation push: Products, people, case studies, distribution and anything else that can affect commercial integration and this growth market.

In the survey we asked: Which of the following markets does your company serve? The answers were 22% Residential; 7% Commercial; 70% Both

The survey also confirmed that our readers depend on their direct relationships with manufacturers and the value proposition of buying through distribution—76% Buy Direct From a Manufacturer; 81% Buy Through Distribution.

Attending the IPRO Conference was also proof that as an aspect of any custom installation business, we are only just scratching the surface of what commercial installation can mean to an integrator’s bottom line, as IPRO’s membership from the commercial arena grows both in manufacturers and representatives.

Keeping all of this in mind, we are starting a monthly column in February that will address a different aspect of commercial integration every month. This column “Commercial Opportunities” will join our other finger-on-the pulse monthly columns on recurring revenue, aging in place, cyber and physical security, energy management and following the money, with new business tips and pointers that you may not have thought about. At CustomRetailer we offer you a world of opportunities, advice and tutorials on how to grow your business, it’s up to you to take up the gauntlet and run with it.

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