Glikes Starting New Buying Group

Azione Unlimited buying group

Richard Glikes, who recent departed his position as executive director of HTSA, announced Thursday that he is establishing a new buying group called Azione Unlimited. The new group, which will become “fully operational” by early next year, will target midsize custom retailers and integrators, Glikes said in an email to reporters.

The group will be headquartered in West Chester, Pa.

Glikes listed four goals for the new buying group: Provide an ongoing dialogue and platforms on ideas, interaction and execution excellence; Create a cohesive national network of leading-edge entrepreneurs; Deliver exceptional profits to members to ensure their long-term success and foster focused support for vendor members and dealer members.

Azione plans to consist of 250 non-competing dealer members nationwide and 32 vendor members, Glikes said.

“We are not in competition with HTSA,” Glikes said in the statement. “They have their niche and we have ours. We are looking for dealers who are not in a group or who find the programs, services, and marketing of their existing group lacking in substance.

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  • http://ScottHuffman Scott Huffman

    That is all we need….. Another buying group. Now we can have 6 groups that are all weaker than ever. The indepentent dealers are not united at all. We are fragmented and weak and this even dilutes us even further. The leaders of most of these groups seem to care more about thier own paychecks than anything else. Why can’t we have maybe 2 strong groups with some clout? The current system is a joke.