The 2011 Young Turks of CE

Chris Brody of Crescendo Designs

Michael Pawlowski of Thea Integrated System

Julia Davidson of KEF

Stuart Rench of ihiji

Dan Fulmer of Fultech

Ryan Donaher of Meridian

Russ Wishtart of Sapphire Marketing

Jeremy Bacon of Infinite Autosports

Sharmon Rogers of Sonance

Tim Painter of Nutech Group

Timothy C. McCarthy of HushMat

Jim Rebail of Ambassador Marketing

Heather Palmer of APC by Schneider Electric

Neale R. Boecke of Tronic Integration

Adam Schmidt of Runco

Vanessa Sayen of Media Decor

Matthew Schuler of Klipsch Group

Richie and Emily Scholl of Worthington Distribution

Dominic Symons of Bluelounge

Melanie Warner of Autonomic Controls

Jimmy Paschke of Panamax/Furman

Charlie Porritt of Russound

Michael Townsend of OmniMount

Mark Aling of Paradigm and Anthem

Simon Wehr of Dana Innovations

David Pidgeon of Starpower

Michael Maniscalco of ihiji

David Rodgers of Elite Screens

Devin Zell of MartinLogan

Katie Dolatowski of NexGen

Chris Emas of Momentum Group

Chad Waller of Hi-Fidelity

Tracy Christmann of Somfy Systems

Joshua Carlson of Atlona Technologies

Ryan Brown of Media Environmental Design

Sherry Dantonio of Home Entertainment Source

Jeff Schindler of Vizio

Henry Clifford of Livewire

Dean Sottile of Expert Warehouse

Seth Kaplan of LK and Associates

Justin Bright of MartinLogan

Roberta Silverstein of MOCA

David Rench of ihiji

Mike Cleary of MK Marketing

CustomRetailer salutes the passionate individuals behind our industry’s brightest operations. Get acquainted with our Young Turks of CE, listed in no particular order

Chris Brody
President & Co founder, Crescendo Designs. Ltd.
Chris has helped transform Crescendo Designs into one of the leading designers and installers of high-end home technology from Manhattan to Montauk. An entrepreneur who began his retail career in technology more than a decade ago when he started an online A/V company, Chris moved into the luxury residential market in 2002 when he founded Crescendo with his brother, Mike. Crescendo Designs introduces the latest programs to help homeowners control everything from lighting to the hot tub’s temperature remotely by downloading an app for their iPhone or logging onto Crescendo’s homepage.

Michael Pawlowski

Director of Sales, Thea Integrated Systems
Since 2004 Michael has been the director of sales for Thea & Schoen Integrated Systems, a manufacturer’s sales representative firm focusing on high-quality residential technology products. He is responsible for design, specification and all outside sales in the metro New York market. Prior to his current role Michael spent four years at Lutron Electronics (2001-2004) where he was tasked with developing Lutron’s A/V distribution business for all territories east of the Mississippi River. Michael graduated Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2001) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems. He is a member of the IPRO New Leaders Group.

Julia Davidson
Research Engineer, KEF
Julia is a rising star in consumer electronics product design and engineering. She was one of the leading engineers on the development of the new T Series ultra-thin loudspeaker range, working with the design of the revolutionary MF driver, crossover and other elements of the award-winning loudspeaker. Julia was part of the KEF engineering team that developed the revolutionary Concept Blade loudspeaker. She helped develop Concept Blade’s innovative cabinet walls and internal compartments, the LF dustcaps and the final build of the loudspeaker. She is also responsible for material characterization and the development of new technologies for KEF’s Celestion drivers.

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