Fry’s Tops Monster Awards

Head Monster Noel Lee honors his company's top retailers

Bob Cole picks up the Most Monsterous Audio/Video Specialist Retailer and Most Monsterous International Retailer for World Wide Stereo.

The Fry's staff picks up its Golden Globe Award

Randy Fry accepts the Most Monsterous Electronics & Appliance Retailer for Fry's Electronics

At its annual Most Monstrous Dealers of the Year Awards ceremony and concert at International CES last week, Monster presented the “Global Gold” prize to Fry’s Electronics, while World Wide Stereo and Best Buy Canada/Future Shop also took home major awards.

Head Monster Noel Lee handed out the awards, which were followed by a concert by classic rock mainstays Chicago and opening act the Wonder Girls.

Fry’s won both the Global Gold and Most Monsterous Electronics and Appliance Retailer prizes, while World Wide Stereo was named Most Monsterous Audio/Video Specialist Retailer. Inmotion Entertainment of Jacksonville was named Most Monsterous Specialty Retailer, while Best Buy Canada/Future Shop was recognized as Most Monsterous International Retailer.

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