One Voice: Knowledge Is Power!

Every issue of CustomRetailer reads like a mini Management Conference, giving readers like you the opportunity to work on your business, not just in your business. The perspective that comes from sharing information, best practices and case studies from respected sources within our industry is priceless.

Opportunities like the recent CEDIA Management Conference add a whole new layer of insight and information from outside our industry that help us all think more clearly about our strategic goals. A case in point is the presentation last week from Tim Costello, chairman and chief executive officer, Builder Homesite, Inc. Tim’s “The New Normal: Strategic Planning in the New Economy” dissected the national housing market factors into a clear and sobering picture of how the changing demographics of each region represent opportunity for our industry. As Tim explained, you probably won’t like what you hear, in fact, I bet a lot of people just wanted to plug their ears and do the “la la la, I can’t hear you” thing. But, for those who can overcome their fear that such a reality check induces, there is a golden opportunity to find the market segments in your region that are growing.

If you don’t already have CE Week, June 20-24 on your calendar in NYC, I will give you one more reason to be there. In just three short months, CEA DemoSuites will open on June 21 with a full day conference program chaired by our very own Maureen Jenson. Hot topics like “The Future of the Custom Integration Industry: The Energy Management, Cyber and Physical Security and Aging in Place Equation” and “Technology and Quality: The Relevance in 2011” will be at the forefront of the program. Visit the CEA Demo Suites website for updates on the conference program content.

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