ELAN Upgrades g! Software

ELAN's g! system at Buffalo Wild Wings

ELAN Home Systems this week announced that its ELAN g! Version 5.4 software has been released and made available to dealers.

The upgrade includes enhancements to the user interface, increased iPad app functionality, KNX support and updates to the newest drivers.

“The new Version 5.4 software update is a great achievement resulting in the strongest and most reliable ELAN platform to date. We listened to dealer and user feedback and made significant improvements to both the user interface and the dealer configurator to enhance both simple and complex installations,” Joe Lautner, ELAN Manager of Business Development & Product Management, said as part of the announcement.

“We’ve made it even easier to manage a zone that has two separate source volume controls, control a zone with multiple displays, and added an innovative way to manage a bar or restaurant with multiple TVs. With all of these improvements, we are giving dealers much more room for customization, all while making the system easier to operate for the end user.”

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