D&H Launches Accessories Initiative

D&H Distributing this week announced the launch of a new online Add-On the Profits Accessory Guide, which is part of the company’s new accessories initiative.

The purpose of the initiative, D&H said, is to “help dealers and retailers increase margins through add-on sales of accessories.” The guide includes home office, mobile computing, portable entertainment, home entertainment and digital imaging categories.

The guide will work similarly to D&H’s existing D&H Digital Home Guide tool: When a dealer clicks on a product category, an array of accessories appears that coordinate with products in that genre.

“We’ve always been big advocates of using accessories to increase revenues across-the-board for retailers and dealers,” Rob Eby, vice president of purchasing at D&H, said as part of the announcement. “Our new initiative is a more formal approach to that. The Guide makes it easy to flip through different scenarios and match-up accessories with various products, allowing customers to enhance profits on any type of sale.”

The guide can be accessed at DandH.com.

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