D&H Eyes Mobility, Motion Gaming, Connected TV in 2011

Among the key product categories that distributor D&H sees opportunities in for its customers include mobility, connected TV motion gaming and more, D&H said this week.

3D displays, gaming devices and notebooks are other categories the company sees strength in going forward, in addition to iPad accessories and other emerging technologies.

“We’ve always been focused on steering our dealers toward opportunities and we add value by making the experience as simple and satisfying as possible,” senior vice president of sales Jeff Davis said as part of the announcement.

“It’s been an invigorating year, with various up-and-down trends and predictions, from 3D to Google and Android to IP-enabled media,” Davis continued. This is one of the things D&H is all about. We invest in a variety of technologies that show potential as trends arise and make them available to our customers to give them an edge.”

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