Manufacturer Profile: 65 Years of Synergy

CustomRetailer shares time with Paul Jacobs, CEO of Klipsch Group, as it celebrates its 
65th anniversary as the new multi-brand arm of Audiovox. By

Paul Jacobs

CustomRetailer: What is the company doing to commemorate its anniversary?

Paul Jacobs: We’re holding several events throughout the year that started in June with a celebration in Hope, Ark. That is in conjunction with the annual pilgrimage that a large number of really passionate customers have made over the past 10 years during the summers, either to Hope or to our Indianapolis headquarters. We put on seminars and clinics; this will be the second year in Hope that we’ve had the Klipsch Music Festival, where we tie back to our roots of live music and performance. During trade shows we do around the world, we’ll be holding private parties and putting together an historical retrospective. We’ll recognize it on our web site, in a lot of our training, and in all our communications. We’ll also be doing a lot on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogging community.

We’re taking every opportunity we can to talk about the 65 years we’ve been around but also, what we’ve stood for and what Paul Klipsch stood for when the company was started, which of those legacy beliefs we carry on with today, and how we’re using all of that to try and shape where the audio industry goes in the future.

CR: This is also the year that Klipsch was acquired by Audiovox. What are some of the immediate principal benefits to the brands within the Klipsch Group as well as long-term benefits?

Jacobs: There are back-office activities that are not customer-focused but have a significant impact on our business. As everyone knows, there are pricing pressures out of Asia. Being a part of a $750 million company gives us leverage to get the benefit of buying power. That’s a fairly big deal to us. Also, Audiovox’s sophisticated logistics operation, particularly in North America, is a benefit. We’ll start using some of their warehouses and facilities, which will provide faster service to our customers. We currently distribute out of Hope and Buena Park, Calif., but we will add a third facility that’s Audiovox-owned in Virginia.

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