CR Talks to: Premier Mounts: Build Quality Wins Out

In tune with the pro A/V markets, installers and dealers

CustomRetailer: What products did you highlight at the recent CEDIA EXPO—and how did your introductions there address integrators’ and consumers’ needs?

Tom Noack: Our FTP and SpiroLock projector mounts are two of our newest mounts. The big difference between them versus other mounts on the market is that they are extremely fast to install. Both have a quick release, so if you need to service either one, you can just slide it out and do whatever needs to be done and put it straight back on. Both also have a fine-tune adjuster so that you don’t need any tools—there are thumb screws that let you easily align the image. Labor is the biggest part of the installer’s project, so if they can cut down on installation time, that’s where they make their money.

CR: How does your business divvy up between light commercial and residential? Which areas are growing more rapidly for you, and why?

Noack: The pro A/V market has been increasing for us tremendously. It’s up about 30 percent over the past year because we have the right product for the market. Besides the FTP and SpiroLock mounts, we have iPod mounts and several flat-panel mounts that are very straightforward, easy to install and easy to align. The whole combination of different products go hand in hand with one another; we even have in-wall boxes and security products.

CR: You do offer a diversity of products beyond mounts, including speakers, shelving systems, power amps, etc. Are there any complementary categories to your core mount business that you might be interested in entering?

Noack: One of our strong points is not so much what we sell off the shelf, which is pretty important, but that a lot of pro A/V dealers and installers put their trust in us because we have the ability of doing a lot of custom work.

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