CR Talks to: Premier Mounts: Build Quality Wins Out

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CR: How has your custom division evolved to meet integrator needs?

Noack: It’s not a division as such; it’s a fully integrated part of our engineering department and of our service department. We have dedicated custom engineers, and our own manufacturing in Anaheim that can do pretty much anything. Those engineers basically find out what the customer is looking for and make it work for their project.

CR: What sort of dealer merchandising aids or other support or training is the company offering for the balance of the year and into 2011?

Noack: There are a lot of tools we offer. When we sell a flat-panel mount or cart or stand, all the hardware that’s needed is included in the package. For example, for flat panels we even include levels and give all different types of hardware you may need to put it in a wall plug—spacers and different lengths of metric bolts that go into the back to hold the LCD on the mount. The point is, installers need not go out and find all of this; we have it all set out for them. If it’s a security screw they want to put on, we include the Allen key. A lot of the other suppliers charge for things like that.

CR: You recently revamped your website to help streamline dealers’ and integrators’ ability to do business with you. How does what you’ve done differ from your competitors? How does the site improve upon what you did previously?

Noack: The look and feel of it is different. It’s more professional, clearer and easier to find things. The navigation has changed; we started grouping things differently, and added log-ins at the back end for dealers so they can purchase directly online. We continually improve on our Mount Finder and our cross-referencing tools.

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