CR Talks To: Cameron Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing, Intelix: Emerging From Behind the Scenes

Intelix provides CI solution with its HDMI technology.

CustomRetailer: You’re a company that started in the commercial space and you just recently entered the CI market. Would you speak about the reasons for your progression into residential custom integration?

Cameron Smith: First, let me provide a little background on our company. It’s true that we’re relatively new to the CI market, and we come at it from a slightly different angle. We’ve been around since 1986, and our business has been primarily commercial A/V—churches, schools, paging systems for airports. We also do a lot of OEM manufacturing, so we’re very heavy in R&D.

Seven years ago, or so, we began developing cutting-edge HDMI technology. Because of that, we started seeing CI resellers coming to us, looking for a more robust, more commercial solution. We were perceived, because we were commercial, as offering a totally different technology set. So, about five years ago, we started looking at the CI market, and realized we had this technology that was a great fit. And we cultivated it.

In 2010, we started to get a lot more aggressive in terms of marketing and presenting just how we’re different. One thing that really differentiates us—and one of the things we pushed really hard at CEDIA EXPO—is that we’re not selling a product, per se. We’re selling technology, and the way we process HDMI. For example, one thing we had at the show, and something we won several awards for, was an HDMI system that incorporates things like HDMI extension over coax and twisted-pair cable, HDMI switching. But ultimately, the big thing behind it was that it can take analog technology and get it out to a digital destination. With a composite video source like a security camera or a VCR or an older DVD player, not only can you make it HDMI; now, you can get it to the end destination or multiple destinations—and we’re running a success rate over 99 percent, because of all the proprietary engineering we’ve put into it. People really latched onto that. We’re doing unique things on our boards and inside our products to get that success rate up near 100 percent—things like storing EDID signals within the product, things like discrete-channel processing and bandwidth limiting. We’re marketing all this processing and not a product, and people really got it.

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