Control4 Sets Dealer Training Schedule

Control4 this week announced that it will offer dealer training in more than 60 cities worldwide this year, in a tour lasting from March through August.

The sessions will get underway March 20 in Charlotte and Los Angeles, also visiting Raleigh, Richmond, Boston, Orange County and San Diego that week. In addition to the U.S., the sessions will take place in Canada, the U.K., Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and China.

“This year’s extended training tour enables much broader reach and connection with our dealer network,” Control4 President and CEO, Martin Plaehn said in a statement.

“Our training tour will provide central information and training designed to improve and grow our dealers’ businesses and also provides a direct mechanism for Control4 to listen to feedback and understand our dealers’ future needs.”

See the full list:

Charlotte, North Carolina

March 20

Los Angeles, California

March 20, 21

Raleigh, North Carolina

March 22

Richmond, Virginia

March 23

Boston, Massachusetts

March 27

Orange County, California

March 27

San Diego, California

March 29

Louisville, Kentucky

April 3

Knoxville, Tennessee

April 4

Nashville, Tennessee

April 5

Jacksonville, Florida

April 9

Orlando, Florida

April 10

Phoenix, Arizona

April 10, 11

Tampa, Florida

April 12

Las Vegas, Nevada

April 13

Miami, Florida

April 17, 18

Dallas, Texas

April 17, 18

Houston, Texas

April 30, May 1

Atlanta, Georgia

May 1, 2

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

May 3

Panama City, Panama

May 3

Birmingham, Alabama

May 4

Chicago, Illinois

May 8, 9

St. Paul, Minnesota

May 8, 9

Milwaukee, Michigan

May 11

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 11

Portland, Oregon

May 15

Westchester, New York

May 15, 16

Seattle, Washington

May 17

Missoula, Montana

May 18

Victoria, Canada

May 22

Manhattan, New York

May 22, 23

Vancouver, British Columbia

May 23

Newark, New Jersey

May 24

Kelowna, British Columbia

May 25

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 4

Calgary, Canada

June 5, 6

Edmonton, Canada

June 7, 8

Indianapolis, Indiana

June 12, 13

Salt Lake City, Utah

June 12, 13

Toronto, Canada

June 12, 13

London, England

June 12, 13

Cincinnati, Ohio

June 14

Brussels, Belgium

June 14, 15

Montreal, Canada

June 15

Washington DC

June 18, 19

Denver, Colorado

June 18, 19

Kansas City, Missouri

June 21

Albany, New York

June 22

Detroit, Michigan

June 26

Winnipeg, Canada

June 26

Grand Rapids, Michigan

June 28

Saskatoon, Canada

June 28

Newark, California

July 9, 10

Cleveland, Ohio

July 10

Columbus, Ohio

July 11

Fairfield, California

July 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 12

Fresno, California

July 13

Sydney, Australia to be announced

Auckland, New Zealand to be announced

Shanghai, China to be announced

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