Control4 Adds New Apps

Control4's 4store
Apps cover energy, locks, sprinklers, Internet radio, and entertainment

Control4, a developer of IP-based home control systems, picked up a variety of new apps developed for its 4Store marketplace and OS 2.0 platform, bringing the number of Control4 apps to more than 100.

The apps were announced at CEDIA Expo last week.

Most dealers and integrators don’t make money selling the apps, but they do serve to increase end-user engagement with the Control4 products and, in some cases, lead to the sale of additional hardware. “The apps help bring dealers into more jobs,” said Eric Smith, co-founder and CTO of Control4. Dealers who develop their own apps, though, can sell them on 4Store and receive royalties

Here are some of the new apps debuting on the site:
Internet Radio & Multi-Screen Video Wall
– The new Internet Radio app streams radio stations over the web. Users can add their favorite stations or tune into pre-set genres.

– A multi-screen video wall app allows consumers to control three, five or seven video screens simultaneously on a touch screen interface. It also helps users manage up to 7 televisions along one wall, select which stations can be viewed and set the default station for each television.

Apps to Manage Energy Use
Eragy has developed an energy 4Store app that allows users to monitor and manage their home’s energy consumption through any television or 7” touch screen on the Control4 system, as well as remotely from the web interface. Users can see their real-time energy usage, as well as current costs, projected monthly costs and projected monthly power. Eragy also provides users with the ability to automatically control HVAC systems and other high-power appliances based on their own preferences for power use or based on time of day. Users can take advantage of their local power utility Time of Use and Time of Use Demand rate structures (if offered) to save money and help the environment by reducing overall energy consumption and peak demands on the power grid.

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