‘Connected Lifestyle’ Panel Probes App Revolution

L. to r.: Richard Stoerger; Lesley Kirchman; Steve Iommi; Krista Bergman; and Maureen Jenson

All participants said they value the input of their dealers and end-users in product development and design. “We engage customers in actual development of new products,” said Iommi. “Dealers love to feel special; face time with them means everything. And we always have comments we read thoroughly from people who buy apps, ” added Bergman. “We constantly monitor what people are saying,” said Kirchman, “and spend time doing a lot of research. We’re always polling our end-user base and carrying what we discover through to our product roadmaps.”

Stoerger added, “I am having more dialogue with customers than I ever did before. Most manufacturers, unless their stuff sucks, enjoy the one-on-ones with individual customers who have bought their gear. It’s a very new dynamic, and one we didn’t have 10 years ago.”

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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