‘Connected,’ ‘3D’ are Bywords of Panasonic’s 2011 Lines

Natalia Salazar, product manager for the Video Networking Group, shows off Panasonic’s new slimline 3D Blu-ray chassis

Kate Beck, senior product manager, with a model from the Panasonic GT30 3D VIERA plasma series

Panasonic 42" TC-L42D30

• 3D has been introduced only in 32- and 37-inch models in the 240Hz gamer-oriented DT30 LED LCD series with VIERA Connect (April delivery) – 3D’s first-ever appearance for Panasonic in the LCD format.

Panasonic’s new crosstalk-reducing IPS Alpha LCD panel are being used on 2D models in the LED LCD and LCD series. The company says the new panel yields “close-to-plasma” performance.

The D30 series, which replaced the D2 series, will see the addition of a 1080p 42-inch 120Hz LED set with VIERA Connect in April ($1,149.95).

The 42-inch LED TC-L42 E30 (120Hz) and the three-model LED E3 (60Hz) series both feature Easy IPTV instead of VIERA Connect.

In LCD, Panasonic is offering the 120 Hz U30 and 60 Hz U3 series. And it is also supplying a 720p 60Hz SKU, the TC-L32X30 ($499.95), with Easy IPTV.

• Accompanying the model introductions are two-week retail promotions starting April 3 and offering a free bonus wireless USB adapter to purchasers of Easy IPTV models and a free Skype connection camera to VIERA Connect TV buyers.

• Panasonic’s three standalone 3D Blu-ray players – which also feature 2D-to-3D conversion and will be iPhone/iPad remote controllable when the app becomes available – also carry a “video voicemail” feature that works with Skype and makes the recipient aware of the message via a blinking light on the front of the player. The top-line DMP-BDT310 ($249) and the step-down 210 offer built-in Wi-Fi and a touch-free sensor for hands-free opening and closing of the unit.

The models feature a 35 percent smaller chassis size, 50 percent smaller packaging and a 48 percent reduction in power usage.

• In audio home theater in a box (HTiB) offerings, the 3D BTT770 flagship was introduced ($599.99). It offers 2D-to-3D conversion and Skype capability.

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