CEDIA Expo Drew 17,600

CEDIA Expo 2011 which finished up over the weekend in Indianapolis, drew 17,600 attendees and 444 exhibitors, according to unofficial numbers released Monday by CEDIA.

According to CEDIA, 25 percent of attendees and just under 12 percent of exhibitors were there for the first time.

“The feedback received from attendees was positive and energetic,” CEDIA CEO Utz Baldwin said as part of the announcement. “According to the 2011 CEDIA Benchmarking Survey, electronic systems contractor businesses are experiencing higher revenue and profitability and judging by the data and the traffic at the show the coming year looks to be one of growth and expansion.”

Next year’s CEDIA Expo is set for Sept. 5-8, once again in Indianapolis.

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  • http://Greg Greg

    How come no comparison to last years attendance? 17600 is about a 15% drop! Report the news not the press release, Custom Retailer.

  • http://Indyhascorn Indy has corn

    17,600 ? really ? I was never even close to “bumping” into anyone at the show.
    444 exhibitors and 100 less than previous year(s)… a tough year we all can see..

    And Indy, again ???

    Indy, to make it convenient for 25-30 CEDIA (hardworking) people to put on this Expo,
    only to inconvenience 17,575-19,975 people to travel and not have direct, non-stop
    flights… taking a whole day to travel… what a hassle !

    Denver, much better choice, halfway across the country for the 2 far coasts,
    and actually a nice downtown restaurant selection and a tram for nightime