CEDIA 2.0 Webinar Attendee Questions: The Value of Industry Training

You asked CEDIA your questions during the CEDIA 2.0 webinar…(didn’t get to hear it? Log on to customretailer.net) and there was so many questions, CEDIA is giving you the answers DAILY in CustomRetailer Today.

Harold Clark Asks: What is the benefit of Certification Education: bigbox retailer CEDIA certified versus ESC custom independent business?

Answer: We all know the value of industry training; it improves the quality of our work and makes us more efficient, therefore more profitable.

As for different certifications for different applications, CEDIA recognizes there are a variety of different business models out there who specialize in different kinds of work. But the same fundamentals apply and we want to be the ones that teach the entire industry the right way to design and install their systems.

Someone doing basic sales and installation might have the basic ESPA certification, or perhaps CEDIA ESTII. But when you look at a sophisticated custom integrator you will likely find several certified technicians along with personnel holding ESTIII, Designer, and CEDIA’s soon to be launched Residential Networking Specialist. You may also see credentials from ISF, THX, HAA, CompTIA etc.

A company with this kind of staff clearly stands out as one with exceptional training and a commitment to excellence.

CustomRetailer extends a heartfelt thank you to webinar sponsors AVAD, Panamax/Furman BlueBolt, Bitwise and RTI.

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