CEDIA 2.0 Webinar Attendee Questions: Finding Out About New Technologies

You asked CEDIA your questions during the CEDIA 2.0 webinar…(didn’t get to hear it? Log on to customretailer.net) and there was so many questions, CEDIA is giving you the answers DAILY in CustomRetailer Today.

Joseph Piccirilli asks: Is there a forum within CEDIA that is dedicated to introducing new technologies or product categories that may not yet have appeared on the memberships radar screen?

Answer: Identifying and assessing emerging technologies is one of the most important things CEDIA does. We have a Technology Advisory Board which serves as the “eyes and ears” of the association and this group includes the most forward thinking people in the industry. From their observations, the education and marketing departments seek out all possible opportunities to bring this critical information to the membership, through a variety of means:

– Webinars throughout the year
– Classes and forums at EXPO
– Resources, links, video clips etc. on the new member portal to be launched later this year
– Article in both industry and consumer publications
– “5 Minute Downloads” by email
– CEDIA Crosspoint

As you look through the CEDIA website, you will see links to all of these and more. Our quest to understand and report on new technologies and new business opportunities is never-ending.

If you ever have a question about these timely topics feel free to call CEDIA headquarters or email me directly. jgardner@cedia.org

CustomRetailer extends a heartfelt thank you to webinar sponsors AVAD, Panamax/Furman BlueBolt, Bitwise and RTI.

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