CEDIA 2.0 Webinar Attendee Questions: CEDIA’s Presence at CES

You asked CEDIA your questions during the CEDIA 2.0 webinar…(didn’t get to hear it? Log on to customretailer.net) and there was so many questions, CEDIA is giving you the answers DAILY in CustomRetailer Today.

Gregory Olle Asks: I was disapointed in CEDIA’s presance at CES2012. Any plans to partner with any other orginizations, such as CEA, to promote the ESC & pull together resources?

Answer: CEA are working together to help support the ESC. First off, you’re right about CEDIA’s presence at the International CES Show. CEDIA has not had a physical presence (a booth) at the CES show for about four years. We found that as a membership recruitment show CES was quickly becoming too expensive per lead. As the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center faded as the “home theater” hall, CEDIA’s membership recruitment faded as well. It is almost like the CEDIA channel can now be found at the Venetian Hotel as part of the audio feature and we are looking into participating again, but at the Venetian.

Here are the ways CEDIA and CEA are partnering:

1. As part of the codes and standards group CEDIA and CEA are developing and getting industry standards finally adopted and approved by the American National Standards Institute – ANSI
i. Blueprint icons standards for electronic systems in the home – In process of being approved
ii. HVAC thermal management – Approved standard
iii. Home Theater Audio standard – In process of being approved
iv. Home Theater Video standard – Approved
v. Retrofit/power line distribution/MOCA standards – In process of being approved

2. CEDIA and CEA also partner on the entry level education and certification program for high schools, Vo Tech schools and Community Colleges through ESPA – The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance. You can check out this initiative at www.espa.org.

CustomRetailer extends a heartfelt thank you to webinar sponsors AVAD, Panamax/Furman BlueBolt, Bitwise and RTI.

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