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You asked CEDIA your questions during the CEDIA 2.0 webinar…(didn’t get to hear it? Log on to customretailer.net) and there was so many questions, CEDIA is giving you the answers DAILY in CustomRetailer Today.

Question (from Chris Porter of Peak Audio Video) : Is there any plan on creating a certification program that can lead to legislation to control who can be a Licensed company similar to electrical contractors?

Answer: Since the low voltage category is so broad (both commercial and residential) it would be impossible for us to create a credential that would work for the purpose of licensure.

However a few years ago CEDIA, NSCA and CEA joined forces to launch ESPA (Electronic Systems Professional Alliance), whose primary mission is to train and certify entry-level ESTs for work in all low voltage disciplines.

This program is now beginning to be adopted by schools and has been approved for GI Bill reimbursement. It promises to be a very valuable tool for employers to identify candidates who have proven they understand the basics needed to start a career in either commercial or residential work.

The other great benefit of this certification relates to your question. Now if a state or city seeks to require a basic credential for a low voltage license, the entire industry can speak with one voice and propose the ESPA Certified-EST certification as that required credential. In the meantime it provides a great training path for people who want to get into the industry, and a great credential for employers to ask for when hiring entry-level ESTs.

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