Follow The Money: Capturing a Piece Of The 
Rental Market

How to capitalize on the recent growth in this sector and the 
demands of today’s renter.

And imagine if this was more than just a one time offering—can your business deliver an upgrade that a renter might be willing to pay $5-$20 a month for? For example, one retailer got creative and partnered with an apartment community to offer built-in speaker systems for $20 a month. This type of recurring revenue could make a big impact on your business, especially if you multiply it by the thousands of renters in your market. CR

In this column each month, Builder Homesite (, CEO Tim Costello will explore how companies can leverage the economic and environmental factors affecting our industry to grow in this ever-changing and challenging business environment. From targeting specific demographic profiles to driving operational changes, this series is a must read for any business wanting to thrive during these dynamic times. This column is sponsored by Specialty Electronics Nationwide.

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