Business Chops Tip #63: Holiday Seasonality: Friend or Foe?

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. If pure retail is your sweet spot, then ring it in! If your business focus includes installed systems (residential and/or commercial), the holiday season can be unspectacular. Is that so bad? Not at all! Counting on a single season or market is risky for all, including the big box retailers.

The custom installed systems market has multiple seasons‹there are fewer sales peaks through the year. What’s the antidote for holiday fever? These two: 1) planning, and 2) good project lifecycle and cash management. Are you diversified enough to have multiple seasons?

Author’s Note: Creative and technical professionals (from musicians and actors to designers and engineers) rely on their “chops”: those skills and techniques that they use to be successful on the job. Stiernberg Consulting coined the term Business Chops to encompass those skills, experience, and tactics that you rely on to be more successful. Whether you are a dealer, manufacturer, distributor, rep, or design firm, this series includes tips and techniques for optimizing sales, profits, and growth of your Custom Retail business.

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