Business Chops Tip #19: Are You Better Or Just Different?

Here’s a harsh reality of business. If you are exactly like your competitors, then either lowest price or closest personal relationship becomes the ultimate purchase criterion. Are you just like all the rest? Are your product lines, business approach, and technical resources just like those of every other competitor? Probably not, and hopefully you can identify where you are both different and better.

The point here is that to be better, you need to be different. Being different for its own sake does not necessarily mean that you are better. So, plan to be better and promote the positive differences.

Author’s Note: Creative and technical professionals (from musicians and actors to designers and engineers) rely on their ³chops²: those skills and techniques that they use to be successful on the job. Stiernberg Consulting coined the term Business Chops to encompass those skills, experience, and tactics that you rely on to be more successful. Whether you are a dealer, manufacturer, distributor, rep, or design firm, this series includes tips and techniques for optimizing sales, profits, and growth of your Custom Retail business.

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