Bob Carver to Debut Amplifiers at CES

Bob Carver's VTA180M and VTA305M

Bob Carver LLC this week announced plans to debut a new line of vacuum tube amplifiers next month at International CES.

The products are the VTA180M and VTA305M. Both are now shipping at MSRPs of $3,700 and $6,450, respectively.

“We are honored to be joining forces with Purity Audio Designs and King Sound to co- display complimentary products at the CES show,” Bob Farinelli, the company’s president, said as part of the announcement.

“The Purity Audio Design Silver Statement Preamplifier will be feeding our pair of 305 Watt Black Beauty Mono Block Tube Amplifiers that will be driving the “King II” loudspeakers in the King Sound Loud Speaker Suite.”

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