B&W’s PM-1 Speaker Aims to Redefine Price-Point

B&W Prestige Monitor 1

Bowers & Wilkins have launched the Prestige Monitor 1, a new compact high performance two-way speaker.

The PM-1 fills in the price range vacated when B&W upgraded it’s 800 series, and its raises the bar with technological innovations like a Carbon Braced Tweeter high frequency driver, pushing the frequency up to 40 kHz, while reducing distortion at frequencies below 20kHz. The bass and midrange Kevlar cone driver delivers clarity at mid frequencies, while a new Foam Dampening Cap gives the bass the “slam” of much larger speakers, without the “bloom,” for clearer sound.

The cabinet reduces vibration with the latest generation of Matrix interlocking panels. A mineral loaded resin baffle, curved cabinetry, and a mocha gloss finish round out the package.

The PM-1 is available for an MSRP of $2,800 and has an optional stand for $550.

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