AVAD & Crestron Partner

Jim Annes of AVAD

Crestron's Adagio Entertainment System

Crestron's Prodigy remote

AVAD will support a select dealer base of Crestron customers

AVAD has reached an agreement with Crestron to develop and support a select dealer base of Crestron customers. Through this partnership, authorized AVAD dealers throughout the US and Canada will have access to Crestron’s Prodigy and Adagio product lines, renown for their performance and scalability, as well as extensive and frequent Crestron training programs.

In a live telephone interview, Jim Annes, AVAD Vice President and General Manager said that, “This partnership strengthens our position as the custom installers single solutions provider for the custom electronics industry’s leading products and support.”

Authorized Crestron dealers will be drawn from a select group of AVAD’s 11,000 active dealers and will be qualified based on their demonstrated ability to effectively sell and install sophisticated integrated systems and home networks. Also on the phone call was AVAD original founder and current consultant, Wally Whinna,

“It is second nature for AVAD staff in vetting key dealers, then the dealers will go through regional sales managers for approval and then onto Crestron for approval.

“We plan to be able to get the product into key branches by mid-April. And the first dealers will be authorized in May. Then we are looking at our first significant sales in the July and August time frame.

Added Jim Annes, “We have an 11,000 strong active dealer base to work with, guys that are truly adept at integrating complex systems. Of course it is also very attractive that distribution is part of our total package.” Together, AVAD and Crestron will provide dealers with an extensive number of webinars and on-site training at each of AVAD’s 28 North American branches.

Once approved, AVAD dealers will be authorized to purchase products from Crestron’s Prodigy and Adagio lines. Prodigy offers dealers an affordable, simplified control solution for whole house automation including music, movies, lights, thermostats and security. A stand-alone system from Crestron, Adagio is a simple-to-use, easy-to-install home entertainment system that provides a dealer’s clients with access to their entire media collection.

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