Autonomic Servers to Support Amazon Cloud

Best New Product: Autonomic Mirage Media Server

Autonomic Controls said this week that all models of Autonomic Mirage Media Servers will support Amazon’s new cloud music service, due to a firmware upgrade that will arrive soon.

The upgrade will apply to Mirage Media Servers (MMS-2 and MMS-5), making music downloaded from Amazon available on all Mirage Media Servers. It is set to arrive within 60 days.

“From the start, we made support for cloud storage a foundation of the MMS architecture, beginning with a successful integration with,” Michael Toscano, Autonomic Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, said in a statement.

“Knowing the cloud is the future, our R&D efforts have been focused on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage network for some time. This has put us in the perfect position to leverage support for the Amazon Cloud Drive quickly.”