Audiovox Changes Name to VOXX International

VOXX CEO says new name better reflects company brands.

Audiovox has announced it is changing its name to VOXX International Corporation.

Over nearly half a century the company has acquired more than 30 global brands and subsidiaries, positioning itself as a leader in products from remote car starters to high-end loudspeakers. Voxx International is meant to reflect the world-wide influence of the company.

Founder and Chairman of the Board, John Shalam explained the name change:

I founded Audiovox more than 45 years ago and the brand still holds significant meaning to me, and to the thousands of employees who were instrumental in the company’s success.

While Audiovox remains a well-known and trusted consumer brand today, it became clear that due to the expansion of our portfolio, the company, our distribution partners and our customers, would be better served with a name that better reflects our strategy and global reach. We believe VOXX International Corporation retains the heritage of Audiovox, while at the same time, opens up new avenues to market our brands under a corporate umbrella.

CEO Patrick Lavelle added:

Over the past several years, we embarked on an aggressive M&A campaign to strengthen our product portfolio, enhance distribution and grow our international footprint, all the while, staying within our core competencies in the automotive and consumer electronics and accessories markets.

We’ve made 10 acquisitions since 2002, including our most recent transaction of Klipsch, and now boast the strongest brands in our company’s history; brands we believe will enable us to expand into related markets.

Companies under the new VOXX International umbrella include Klipsch, RCA, Jensen, Audiovox, Acoustic Research, CarLink, Presitige, Energy, Mirage, and others.

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