Almo Goes Green

The new Almo Web site

Almo Corp. used a three-year environmental plan to significantly reduce costs and environmental impact, the distributor said.

The company reached its goal through a series of measures, including replacing its warehouse lighting, changing most invoices and payments to electronic-only, and using recycled paper while recycling all cardboard, electronics, paper, plastic and glass.

“The initial focus of our Going Green plan was reducing our electrical usage by 15 to 20 percent. We were astonished by the initial results and subsequent quick payback in our lighting efficiency improvements,” Mike Shive, Almo’s Vice President of Operations, said as part of the announcement.

“The success of Phase 1 inspired us to move forward with Phase 2 which required additional efforts from our employees and customers. Our initial reservations were quickly proven unfounded as everyone jumped on the bandwagon to exceed our expectations.”

Almo is planning to continue its green efforts and is also willing to help other companies do the same. Those interested are asked to contact Pamela Baldwin at

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