Almo Expos Switching to Two-Day Format

Almo Pro's 2011 Expo

Almo Corp. said this week that it is switching to a two-day format for its Consumer Electronics and Appliance Expo events this year. Each event will consist of one day devoted to appliance training and another for consumer electronics and skill education.

The decision was based on dealer demand, the company said.

“Each year, we adjust the format of our expo’s based on prior experience and market conditions to ensure we’re helping our dealer partners remain competitive,” Warren Chaiken, the company’s CEO, said as part of the announcement. “We’re providing both the technology training as well as valuable selling skills for engaging the customer, and we’re providing take-away tools.”

Expos this year are scheduled for Cherry Hill, NJ (May 22-23), St. Louis (July 17-18), Toledo (July 31-August 1) and Minneapolis (August 8 and 9.)

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