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2013 CEDIA Expo Guide

What to expect in planning, new technology and training. For helpful #CEDIA13 news and tips, follow Technology Integrator’s Rebecca Swink on Twitter at @RebeccaSwink.

August 1, 2013

It’s that time of year again, when we figure out how best to be productive at CEDIA EXPO, which takes place Sept. 25-28 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colo. The following is offered as an overview to help you decide what will benefit you and your company the most when you arrive in Denver next month.

Last year, in a CEDIA EXPO attendee survey, attendees revealed that identifying new products and companies was the primary reason for attending CEDIA EXPO. This year, CEDIA EXPO will deliver even more ways for attendees to discover new products and explore new business opportunities.

As the industry continues to diversify and vertical markets converge, many new companies are entering the home technology space. According to the 2012 CEDIA EXPO attendee survey, 60 percent of attendees stated they would be offering security products and services to their clients.

The new Security Solutions Central is a great place to discover the latest technology in security. From product demos to the chance to discuss capabilities with exhibiting companies, get all the security information you need at the Central.

Another top reason for attending CEDIA EXPO? The up-to-date industry trends. The New Solutions Village will provide attendees an opportunity to learn about the newest products and services that can innovate your business with presentations from 20 exhibitors.

CEDIA EXPO attendees will also be exposed to a new dedicated area focused on high-performance audio and video. The High Performance Audio Rooms will allow attendees to intimately experience some of the most sophisticated audio and video products in the industry, without the additional noise of the show floor.

Beyond the new exhibitors and dedicated areas, CEDIA EXPO attendees can also expect several new products to launch at the show. And this year’s winners of the Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards competition will be announced on Fri., Sept. 27, giving attendees an opportunity to learn about new award-winning products.

Of course there are also the training courses, which are vitally important to our industry. For those of you keen to grow your business (and who isn’t?), Technology Integrator’s own Leslie Shiner of The ShinerGroup is teaching “25 Down & Dirty Ways to Increase Profit” (#ESB0074-2).

If you’re trying to achieve greater technical excellence, then Bill Whitlock’s “Ground Loops: Understand, Divide & Conquer” (#EST016-16) could be just the thing for you and your team. And these are just two examples of the wide range of courses offered; there’s sure to be something on the schedule that will help lead you and your team to further success.


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